he moment the Better!Broom lands in your hand

           you feel something different... something quite grand!

The Better!Broom's lighter and more nimble than most

      it's stiff yet it's flexible, and we don't mean to boast.

    Is it a prop or a piece to adore

            or is it a tool used to tackle a chore?

    The Better!Broom's both and it's ready to go

           so begin with a sweep... and start the show!


      Feel the Better!Broom's magic work merrily

             whisking and sweeping all kinds of debris.

     Soon leaves and pine needles, light snow and sand,,

            porches and decks are all looking grand!

     Even cracks and crevices cower with fear

            for the Better!Broom finds them, whenever it's near.


     So pick up this broom and you, too, will soon find

            the magic of the Better!Broom's not in your mind!

Click below to see the Better!Broom in action!

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Use the Better!Broom and Feel the Magic!