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Our Story


The Better!Broom traces its roots to a field trip to China in the summer of 2012.

It was during this trip that I noticed people sweeping the street with what appeared to be simple branches bundled and tied together to make a rustic broom.

The simplicity, beauty, and effectiveness of these brooms struck me and I realized that, with all the various outdoor brooms on the market, what was missing was a better broom; a simple, all natural, beautiful and effective broom… a Better!Broom.

After searching far and wide for a better broom worthy of the Bullseye name,

Bullseye Enterprises is proud to present the Better!Broom

the most beautiful, all-natural, powerful, and effective outdoor broom you’ll ever use.

Use the Better!Broom and feel the magic!

Our Company

Bullseye Enterprises is known throughout the world as the proud manufacturer of the Bullseye Power Nozzle - an industrial grade, small brass nozzle (3/4" GHT), that is sold to firefighters and industry and has been made in the USA since 1969! 

Providing 50% more power when you need it, and using 50% less water when every drop counts, the Bullseye Power Nozzle adjusts from a Power mode to a Heavy Spray, a Pinpoint Stream, and a Guaranteed Leak-Proof Off!

Recently made available to the homeowner in select retail locations,

for more information about the Bullseye Power Nozzle

please visit our website at 

Susan Albrecht

Bullseye Enterprises